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Myra IVF Center has been successfully delivering fertility solutions including In vitro Fertilisation (IVF), IUI, ICSI, Male Infertility and various other quality treatments in Kenya for 15 years.

We have carried the belief of our patients from every corner of Africa who has entrusted us with their most precious decision – Building their families. This proves that we are a well-known fertility center in Africa. We are ISO 9001 Standard certified that ensures the quality controls in our systems and treatments.

With the moving time we realized that before moving with the fertility treatment, couples or individuals deserve the chance to receive proper guidance. Therefore looking at the basic need that supports and motivates couples, we have made our counseling program free for all fertility struggling individuals. With that our staff has also made sure that you shouldn’t be facing waiting lists while reaching our fertility experts as every second matter when it’s the question of life.

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    Our continuous fertility service for the past 15 years has brought us a success rate of 79% for pregnancy performed at Myra IVF Center and 87% of Cumulative pregnancy rate in Egg Donation Programs. Based on a gradual increase in fertility experience, Myra IVF Center has structured 13 Unique Fertility Solutions to ensure the most favorable functioning and arrangement for the couple’s benefit and desired results.

    We are among the best IVF clinic in Kenya, Since we are one of the leading IVF clinics in Kenya, we conduct comprehensive testing to determine the exact causes of male and female infertility and provide services of ICSI treatment in Mombasa, embryo freezing in Kenya, IUI treatment in Kenya and laser assisted hatching in Nairobi. We adopt a 360° approach that’s why they provide the best IVF treatment in Kenya.


    In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) is a complex procedure designed to cure fertility or prevent genetic fertility issue and help you conceive a child. Fertile Eggs are used in the process and fertilize them with sperm in a lab.


    When any health issue in man lowering the chances of fertility in woman, male infertility treatments like Intracytoplasmic Sperm Injection (ICSI), PESA and TESA comes into the picture to support your parenthood dreams.


    Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is the procedure that inserts sperm directly into the uterus of the female which helps healthy semen reach closer to the women’s egg.

    Dr. Sarita Sukhija

    Dr. Sarita Sukhija is the renowned fertility expert who did her graduation and post graduation in Embryology medical field from B.J Medical College situated in Ahmadabad and is out of one of the top colleges in the country. Further she moved with doing registrar ship at teaching hospital at University College of Medical Sciences and associated GTB Hospitals after completing her postgraduate studies. In India and abroad she gained extensive experiences and did many research to strong her understanding on fertility aspects including Embryology. She has done masters in Biotechnology of Reproduction and Embryology from IVI, university located in Spain.

    Also she was in Kiel University, Kiel, Germany where she’s been a fellow in gynae endoscopy and reproductive medicine.  She was also in Cleveland USA where she did companionship in reproductive medicine and later has been the course director for IVF trainings at World Laparoscopic Hospital for last 5 years. She introduced various courses regarding Embryology which also have been appreciated by Doctors in India and abroad, those who are oriented towards practical knowledge and basic concepts.

    We are one of the reputed IVF clinic in Kenya/ IVF center Nairobi offering IVF, ICSI treatment in Kenya, embryo donation in Nairobi.

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    How we can help?


    IVF Treatment

    Under IVF, the egg is fertilized scientifically using sperm in a science lab.


    IUI Treatment

    IUI is a simple procedure followed with placing quality semen in the uterus.


    ICSI Treatment

    ICSI is a process where tiny needle is used to inject single sperm in to the center of the egg.


    Surrogacy Programme

    Surrogacy Program has been carried out by our qualified surrogates to help couples conceive.


    Egg Freezing

    Egg Freezing is done to save egg for future use to get pregnant.


    Embryo Donation

    Embryo Donation is done to another individual couple to let them get pregnant and conceive.


    Our Success

    Myra IVF Centre making dream come true for Intended parents all around the world. We have designed the IVF program for all and it has helped many couples till now in conceiving and made them happy throughout the IVF journey.

    We understand that for couples from abroad, there is an extra amount of trust and faith necessary in choosing an agency but our positive feedback through couples from different locations has proved our excellence in the field of fertility. We are an eminent IUI centre in Kenya. We provide Egg donation services at our egg-freezing and egg donor clinic in Nairobi. If you have been trying to conceive for six months or more and not getting any results, it’s time to consider seeking advice from our specialist at IVF centre in Nairobi now.

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    Available from top Doctors from India

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    Dr. Rudra Prasad Acharya

    Director Surgical Oncology Paras Cancer Center, Paras Hospital, Gurgaon

    Team of myra ivf

    Dr. Anup Dhir

    Renowned in Plastic Surgery and Skin
    Director at Apollo Hospital


    Dr. Mahendra Narwaria

    Pioneer of Indian Bariatrics and Chairman,
    Asian Bariatrics

    Doctor of myra ivf Clinic

    Dr. Sanjib Behera
    Renowned in Orthopedics & Hip Replacements. Director Orthopedics & Joint Replacement at Care Hospital

    What our patient’s say

    Why Choose us

    We offer the best supportive, reliable and unbiased services considering the affordable touch and resourcefulness in our services to develop a happy intended parent base. At Nairobi IVF hospital, we offer a range of fertility treatments to help you fulfil your dream of starting a family through our IVF clinic in Nairobi Kenya.

    Customized Solution

    We offer one stop fertility solutions at Myra IVF Center to bring you the best solution possible. We understand that each couple have different issues therefore we first look at the problem than design a solution for you depending on your health, age, BMI etc.

    Free Fertility Consulting

    Our team at Myra IVF Center offers free consulting services with no cost included, not even in the IVF plan you chose, there will be no cost added up to any area of your fertility plan. You can clearly discuss your problems with us for free.

    IVF Success Rate

    With an over 79% of success rate in our IVF treatments, we have made parenthood possible for all couples from any location. While ICSI being the highest successful treatment medium at Myra IVF, we are rapidly growing with the success rate in IVF treatments.


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