IVF vs Surrogacy- Which option is better for you?

Difference between ivf and surrogacy?

Parenthood is a blissful journey and every couple in this world desires to welcome their little bundle of joy! But sometimes due to several reasons, couples are not able to conceive naturally. However, with the advancement of technology and science couples can deliver their baby with the infertility treatment options available such as IVF (In Vitro Fertilization) and surrogacy.


If you are confused about these two terms and wish to know which method will suit you the best then keep reading!


Are IVF and surrogacy the same?

No, IVF and surrogacy are completely different methods. In IVF, the egg and sperm are fertilized in the lab whereas, in surrogacy, a different woman carries the baby in her womb for 9 months on behalf of the real parents. Both treatments hold different procedures, costs, success rates, complications, and legality.


Difference between IVF and surrogacy


  • Procedure

In IVF (In vitro fertilization) the procedure starts by taking some hormonal pills to develop healthy eggs in a woman’s body. After some days when the body develops healthy and mature eggs, these are collected in a test tube and further combined with the male’s sperm to start the fertilization process. After careful and close observation, the IVF specialist implants the fertilized eggs in the woman’s body.

ivf Vs SurrogacyIn surrogacy, the procedure starts by selecting the surrogate woman who will carry the baby in her womb on behalf of the actual parents. In this method, the fertilized eggs are implanted into the surrogate woman. The child is not related to the surrogate woman in any sense. Furthermore, this procedure is more complex as it requires financial, emotional, and legal factors.


  • Success Rate

In IVF, the success rate is majorly dependent on the patient’s age. If the patient is above the age of 35 years, then doctors will recommend you to move forward with donor eggs. In most cases, IVF has shown a 70-80% success rate for patients under 35.


If we talk about the surrogacy success rate, it depends on the health and fertility of the surrogate mother. At Myra IVF, we strive to give you the best results with our advanced technology and want to fulfill your dream of being the parents of a healthy baby.


  • Cost

IVF procedure is less expensive as compared to surrogacy. At Myra IVF, the cost of the procedure completely depends on the type of treatment chosen, the number of cycles required, medications, and diagnostic tests. On average IVF starts from 4,30,000 KES and goes up to 4,80,000 KES.


Surrogacy is comparatively expensive because it requires legal formalities and regular compensation fees for the surrogate woman. On average surrogacy starts from 48,82,000 KES.


  • Complications Involved

At Myra IVF, our team of experienced doctors carries out the process of IVF with utmost care. However, in the medical field, some risks are always involved. In the process of IVF, some patients can suffer from complications like stress, miscarriage, ectopic pregnancy, and chances of multiple pregnancies.


In the surrogacy procedure, there are a few risks involved for the actual couple like no guarantee of a successful pregnancy, financial and legal risks, and emotional risks of health issues and miscarriage. At Myra IVF, we provide the best surrogacy treatment with advanced technology.


  • Legality

IVF is an infertility medical treatment that is completely legal for licensed healthcare institutions. In this method, the couple undergoes every step of pregnancy and are considered legal parents of the newborn.


In the surrogacy procedure, the couple is required to make a legal arrangement with the surrogate woman who will carry the baby in her womb. Furthermore, surrogacy is completely legal in Nairobi, Kenya.


IVF vs. Surrogacy: Which option is better for you?

Both options are carried out to fulfill your dream of enjoying parenthood. However, here are some factors listed below that you must consider before making the choice.


  • Financial capacity – Both treatments are expensive but surrogacy is a comparatively expensive treatment as it involves the fees and other medical expenses of the surrogate woman.
  • Emotional well-being – Couples’ emotional state plays a major role in choosing the procedure. For some couples, surrogacy can be stressful as it involves creating a relationship with the surrogate woman throughout the pregnancy.
  • Connection with the child – If couples want to establish a personal connection with the child then they should prefer IVF because in the surrogacy procedure, the pregnancy is carried out by a surrogate woman.
  • Medical condition – If the mother can carry the baby in her womb then the couple should go for IVF treatment. On the other hand, if the mother is unfit to carry the baby then surrogacy treatment should be opted.
  • Legal formalities – Surrogacy requires a legal contract between the actual parents and the surrogate mother to establish the rights and responsibilities of both. On the other hand, IVF only requires a legal contract in case of using donor embryos or eggs.
  • Doctor’s advice – Before proceeding with any procedure, our team of experienced doctors will do a full-body check-up and test to give you the best advice on the treatment.
  • Personal choice – At last, it is your personal preference to choose the treatment. Analyze the different circumstances, factors, and expectations before finalizing your decision.



Both IVF and surrogacy are two different infertility treatment options available for couples to enjoy the journey of being parents. It completely depends on your personal and medical condition which treatment will suit you the best. Both treatments have their own benefits, difficulties, and legal conditions. Before choosing any method, prepare your physical and mental well-being for a successful and smooth treatment.