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Best assisted laser hatching in Nairobi, Africa

laser assisted hatching in nairobiAssisted Laser Hatching has ordinarily being performed through mechanical force utilizing a microneedle and by acid absorption of the external shell. Connect with Myra IVF Center Best assisted laser hatching in Nairobi, Africa, We utilize the ziols laser procedure of Hamilton Thorne to give our patients the quickest, most secure and most uniform method of Assisted Hatching accessible today passed on to as Laser Assisted Hatching.

During Laser Assisted Hatching, the external shell of the embryo is penetrated by discharging a couple of laser pulses. The laser is fired far away from the cells of the embryo with the goal that the cells are not harmed. This procedure just requires a couple of seconds to finish per embryo limiting the time every embryo is uncovered outside of the hatchery.

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Assisted Hatching procedure at Myra IVF Center

The Assisted laser hatching procedure involves an embryologist performing hatching generally on the third day of embryo development. Our Embryologist uses a laser to create a tiny hole in the zona pellucida. Embryologist sends a strong light beam under a microscope to create a way out for embryo from where it can come out. At third day an embryo starts to spread out therefore the treatment is performed usually on the third day.

It only takes couple of seconds in a procedure and the treatment performed doesn’t really harm the embryo. After all the things are done the treated embryo is than been transferred back into the uterus of female to let it attach itself to the lining and keep on growing.

We recommend Assisted Laser Hatching to those who are:

  • Able to produce high level of Follicle
  • Women above age of 38
  • Have had previously failed In vitro fertilization cycles
  • Stimulating hormone early in their cycle
  • Have a propensity to fabricate a harder or thicker zona pellucid

Advantages of Opting ALH at Myra IVF in Africa

Our Experts says that Assisted Laser Hatching (ALH) doesn’t really recommend to everyone in Africa undergoing IVF treatment as ALH is certainly recommended to parents having unique fertility issues like:

  • You are female trying to conceive baby naturally but fails to do it for unexplained or undetected reason stopping your fertility.
  • Assisted Laser Hatching can boost your chances of fertility if someone have had failed the IVF cycles before and want to conceive a baby

Why choosing Myra IVF Center would be a great idea for you?

At Myra IVF Center, we are the team of the best skilled professional medical experts providing the world-class standard that can provide the most secure and advanced assisted hatching techniques with all the right expertise and techniques. We take pride in being called an ethical surrogacy agency in Africa providing affordable IVF and surrogacy services. We are one of the best assisted laser hatching in Nairobi Contact us for laser-assisted hatching cost.

We provide our services in Nairobi, Kenya, Mombasa and still growing all over Africa helping thousands of couples becoming parents with all the right and supportive consultations at the center.

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