Embryo Donation

embryo donation mombasaEmbryo Donation is the process under which a leftover embryo or the freshly made embryo is donated to other couples. Leftover embryos are those which are left during IVF procedure where embryo is used and still have some left behind. In Vitro Fertilization often creates an excess of embryos which later been stored or frozen by the couples in case the first attempt fails or is donated to other couples in need. Moving further with the Embryo at Myra IVF Center, couple can decide out of four options to choose against their embryos:

  • Either to cryopreserve the embryo for later use
  • Thawed the embryo to destroy it completely
  • Choose Donate your embryos for research
  • Donating to another individual or couple to help them become parent

If the person choosing to donate an embryo to other couple than they are providing them with the reward of pregnancy where they can experience the birth of child. The donor embryo is transferred to uterus with the hope that the other lady will get pregnant. While the resulting child will be a recipient of genetically traits of those in the embryo donor. Compensation received during the process is none but only the expenses indulged during medical testing’s.

Myra IVF Center created the Donor Embryo for two special entities:

  • Recipients: At Myra IVF Center in Africa we have designed our embryo program for couples facing problems in conceiving and becoming pregnant who need donor egg or an embryo with cost effective and reliable option to experience the best treatment and joy of becoming a parent while having child in your arms.
  • Donors: Myra IVF Center designed Embryo Donor program that offers patients a choice to donate their egg and help other couple to conceive. Instead of only storing them, donating them for research processes or thawing them to destroy you can help someone in need and provide them the opportunity to become parents. Sharing your embryo with someone to let them become parent is a great sense of pride for couples knowing that they are intensely changing the life of others.

What Myra IVF Center does?

Our simple motto lies in Giving hopes and Giving lives, In vitro fertilization and other advanced fertility medical technologies are the answers for infertility in couples at Myra IVF and for the couples residing in Africa. Many biological parents stores their eggs for later use but those parents are done completing their families they, they decides what to do with their leftover embryos. While donating them to another infertile couples is an increasingly the options which most of the couples are choosing nowadays. It benefits both the genetic and the recipient family.

Embryo donation has proved as a miracle for couples in Africa as it develop the hopes for infertile couples who had given up their hopes of ever having child. Located in Africa, Myra IVF Center has become the leading fertility treatment provider with the best options and cost possible at the center.

We offers embryo donation in Nairobi Kenya, embryo donation Mombasa. IVF center in Nairobi provides an egg donation program for women who are unable to conceive using their own eggs.

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