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gynae cosmetic surgery in kenyaThere are different gynae cosmetic services that Myra IVF provides including Vaginoplasty and Labiaplasty, Vaginal Rejuvenation, Thermiva, Hymenoplasty and Non surgical vagina tightening. With time as the age passes in women or just after giving birth to a baby, external structure of the vagina is caused where the vaginal appearance and physical stimulus response got affected.

Cosmetic Gynecology helps in two factors where it either improves the functions of vagina or improves the physical experience of vagina while in many cases both the goals are achieved completely with the surgery. The Cosmetic results can bring you intimacy joy and can also rejuvenate the genitals to make body appear younger or pleasing. Let’s know about the types and where they come in use. To know more about Non surgical Vaginal tightening cost, Vaginal rejuvenation cost in Kenya, Simply just contact us by filling the feedback form and enjoy our international standard of services!

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Vaginal Rejuvenation is also called Vaginoplasty or Vaginal Tightening Surgery is a cosmetic surgical procedure that helps in tightening the stretched or loose vaginal shape. This surgery usually tightens the external and internal vaginal canal and reduces the vaginal width or length to provide resistance during vaginal intercourse. Under the procedure embryologist adds soft tissues and muscles around the surrounding of vagina and remove excess loose vaginal skin.

Sometimes women even without giving birth to any baby have loose vaginal structure, this where vaginoplasty comes into play and help tightening it.


Labia points out the shape and size of labia or the fold of skin that frames the opening up of vagina. There is normally a lot of variety in the presence of the labia from one lady to another, and typical imbalances frequently happen. Numerous ladies look for this strategy since they have a characteristic overabundance of skin that may either cause uneasiness when wearing tight-fitting dress or make sex and closeness troublesome. Accordingly, a labiaplasty method may eliminate overabundance skin from the two sides of the labia to diminish in general size, or from just one side to address unevenness.


Hymenoplasty has been a controversial method of cosmetic surgery in some religious conviction made about women’s virginity in some cultures. Hymen surgery provides an opening to allow let the menstrual blood flow during the start of woman’s menstruation cycle. The opening could be stretched during physical intimacy or during activities like horse riding or the tampton use etc. Our gynecologist at Myra IVF Center works to altering the hymen to make it back to normal state as it was naturally. Our gynecologist expert use either a flap of vaginal lining or can insert the artificially made membrane to treat the vaginal state.

Thermiva Surgery

Thermiva Surgery also called Viveve is a non surgical method of cosmetic gynecology surgery that proves as an alternative for women who are worried about going under the dagger. The procedure is performed in three stages at Myra IVF Center in Africa. Our gynecologist first use the radio frequency beam which develops the heat on the targeted vaginal area that needs to be treated. That heat tightens in the area it is applied on including labia.

Thermiva or Viveve provides the advantage of treating the specific areas of the vagina without conducting a whole treatment for small areas which save the treatment cost and also the surgical time.

Cosmetic Surgery with Myra IVF Center

Myra IVF fertility experts have done many surgeries to treat the vaginal shape or excess diameter. The process requires keen eye to surgery and an experience that has seen different varieties of structures and cases as every human body is different. Our Experts are experienced professionals and skilled at providing you the best treatment possible which you can choose to have monetary and physical benefits. Myra IVF’s gynae cosmetic surgery Kenya department is manned by highly trained gynae cosmetic surgeons in Kenya to deliver the best results in cosmetic surgery. Our services include non surgical Vaginal tightening treatment, Non surgical Vaginal rejuvenation, Nonsurgical Laser SUI treatment in Kenya. Find the best Gynaecological Cosmetic Surgeons in Kenya at Myra IVF Center. Contact us to get gynae cosmetic surgery in Kenya.

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