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surrogacy clinic in NairobiSurrogacy is an arrangement happens between two intended parents and surrogate where surrogate volunteers to carry a baby on behalf of intended parents. There are different types of surrogacy from which intended parents can opt from at our Myra IVF Center that is Gestational Surrogacy, Traditional Surrogacy, Altruistic surrogacy, Independent surrogacy, Same Sex Surrogacy and Single Parent Surrogacy. To have affordable surrogacy and hassle free experience, it will be good option if you choose Myra IVF Center as your surrogacy guide.

At Myra IVF Center, the best surrogacy clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. We are striving to use all our expertise to help intended parents to realize their dream of parenthood.

Myra IVF surrogacy centres in Kenya welcomes intending parents who are looking for surrogacy treatment Kenya. We offers surrogacy in Nairobi, surrogacy IVF Mombasa and other parts in very affordable surrogacy cost in Kenya.

When you are required to use surrogate mother?

  • Previously failed In vitro fertilization treatments
  • Undetected Medical Condition or Multiple pregnancy losses
  • Damaged reproductive system in Female partner
  • LGBTQ couples want to build family
  • Female health issues imposing to not to carry pregnancy like thyroid, drugs for mental health, weak heart conditions. High sugar levels etc

How does Surrogacy Process works?

A Surrogacy Process consists of many milestones that lead you towards becoming a parent after months of efforts and process. Every surrogacy journey is different in its own style and isn’t decided whether it will take months or can be extended for more than a half of year. Our surrogacy centre in Kenya welcomes willing couples to build or expand their families. Key features of Myra IVF surrogacy services are: state of the art facilities, professional staff, high success rates, affordable costs, healthy & young surrogate mothers, and professional egg donors at surrogacy in Mombasa. Contact us to know our surrogacy cost Mombasa. Here are the steps that follow our surrogacy process at the center.

1. Choose to have Surrogacy

Surrogacy is financial and both emotion draining process. Deciding to have surrogacy is the decision one need to take first and to take such decision one should think about all of the perspectives that could come during the surrogacy venture. Where Myra IVF Center helps you in supporting and fulfilling all your surrogacy dreams with fertility expert team on line to help you anytime at the journey.

2. Get arranged for the Surrogacy

With our surrogacy services at Myra IVF Center once you decide to have a surrogacy then we start preparing for your travel and brains all of the points of view for you be it needed essentials, VISA (in case required), Child declaring rights, etc You also needed to be plan your travel dates and the arrangements regarding type of surrogacy you’re choosing.

3. Surrogate Matching

At the point when the plan starts, we arrange a meeting between the couples opting for surrogacy and the surrogate at our Surrogacy Center or to your picked location where both the parties are agreeable to meet. In the first place, we obviously screen the surrogate with the fertility status and match your essentials with her availability to keep the surrogacy venture smooth and results positive.

4. Lawful Proceedings

As said before when the surrogacy planning fraction starts, legal considering similarly looks cautious and under this stage all of the legal laws are being covered to have the secured surrogacy by the Myra IVF staff and the region where the surrogacy is being performed also has specific laws regarding surrogacy, hence our surrogacy center obliges that.

5. Preparation Process and Embryo Transfer

At the point when the arrangements are stamped, as of now the surrogacy process starts. Myra IVF Center has best surrogacy experts who gives their best in treating the patients and do have high treatment rate in our services. The Intended mother or the donor will be given meds that will upgrade her ability to make eggs. By then ensuing to improving those eggs experts mixes the sperm in with it’s anything but a lab move them to the ovary of surrogate. At the point when it seems like the life has been made in baby by checking out the beats, surrogate will get the costs and the compensation picked.

6. Welcome Child

By then the last stage contains inviting a baby brought into the world after the nine months and claiming the baby born authentically. The surrogate and intended parents will return back to their home and live the further happy life.

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