Hi Dr Sarita We cannot thank you enough 🙏🏻 for your absolute care and guidance during this incredible experience! We are beyond thrilled. Thank you again for everything you did to help us conceive. You and your team have been wonderful to work with during the most stressful time and were supportive and encouraging every step of the way. Thank you so much once again, shall see you once you are back.

Shalini and Ajay

My first pregnancy turned out to be Ectopic but Dr. Sarita skillfully treated it without surgery and with some more treatment, I conceived in the third cycle of IUI. The staff at Myra IVF was always helpful and friendly. I felt in good hands and unlike other doctors, Dr. Sarita has always answered all my questions with a pleasant smile. Thanks & Regards

Shruti Mehrotra, Gurgaon

We are so grateful to Dr. Sarita who helped us achieve our dream of having a second baby. After the very traumatic birth of our first child, we were ready to add to our family 6 years later. Not only did Dr. Sarita get us to conception, but she was also with us until the end and delivered our baby. Thank you Dr. Sarita!!!

By A Happy Patient Rainbow

Dear Dr. Sarita, We cannot thank you enough for helping our dream come true. Our journey was not easy – especially when we suffered a miscarriage. You are a wonderful combination of scientific knowledge, honestly, and compassion. You were always there to listen to our questions, comfort our fears, just as a good friend would.

Shilpa And Saurabh (usa)

Dear Dr. Sarita, Hope all is well with you and the center ....? well i've been longing to thank you and your staff on how you all have taken care of me during the time i needed care and patience to become a mother. For me this new technology called IUI (Intrauterine insemination) has been marvelous since i conceived through it at one go. I also know women who go through so many procedures just to become mothers ...but i was fortunate i found you as my doctor because i had lost hope to conceive. Would also like to thank your staff Dr. Poonam, Preeti and Satyawan ji on showing patience, love and care to me. Congratulations on doing such a brilliant work doctor. Thank you very much once again .!!!! Regards & Best Wishes

Nancy Manuel Pandey New Delhi, India

I came in touch with Dr. Sarita through one of my very close friends who also happens to share a close camaraderie with her. As soon as I approached her, I was touched by her systematic and logical approach towards my problem. She was not only compassionate but also very patient in clearing all my doubts with great clarity and precision. Even though I had to go through series of tests and medicine trials, I had a very strong conviction that Dr Sarita was giving me what I needed the most- correct diagnosis, treatment and most importantly, great hope. I have conceived normally in a situation which looked bleak initially. Through out my struggle with my health challenges, never for a moment I felt that I was alone. She was always there in the scheme of things- always approachable and supportive. Getting the right doctor is like a blessing and both me and my husband thank her from the core of our hearts. With Gratitude and Good Wishes

Atreyee Datta Gurgaon, India

We got lucky at Myra. I got pregnant in the first cycle of IVF. Dr. Sarita has proved to be a blessing for us. The staff and their services are very good. They make you feel so comfortable and at home. Thank you so much Dr Sarita and Team Myra New Delhi, India

Neha And Amit Kaushik

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