Dr. Sarita Sukhija

Dr. Sarita Sukhija is graduated and post graduated from B.J. Clinical College, Ahmadabad, which comes under one of the top most popular colleges of medical in the country. Subsequent to completing the postgraduate examinations, she did senior registrar ship at renowned teaching infirmary in Delhi at University College of Medical Sciences and related GTB medical clinic. She has been an individual in regenerative medication sciences at India and abroad and has acquired broad involvement with her field. She has done Masters in Biotechnology of Reproduction and Embryology from IVI, an esteemed University of Spain.

She has been a student of gynae endoscopy and conceptive medication at esteemed Kiel University, located in Kiel state of Germany.

She likewise did association in conceptive medication from Cleveland Clinic, USA. Dr. Sarita has been the course chief for ivf trainings at World Laparoscopy Hospital for most recent 5 years and her courses have been tremendously valued by the specialists who have joined in ,which are more arranged towards essential ideas and functional information.

She has taken part at numerous public and worldwide conferences held in the field of IVF and endoscopy as personnel and keeps an update of the most recent advancements in this field. Dr. Sarita is a the lifetime member of IFS (Indian Fertility Society), ISAR (Indian Society of Assisted Reproduction) and FOGSI (Federation of gynecologists and obstetricians of India) and is actively into academic conferences as faculty. She has immense experience and has effectively treated numerous patients of Infertility and repetitive pregnancy misfortunes to assist them with realizing their dream parenthood.

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