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Fellowship course in IVF

IVF is an art and to be successful in that area you need precise skills and knowledge to master the assisted reproductive technologies. The skill can only be gained through in-depth knowledge and experience. Myra IVF laparoscopy hospital communicates the fertility knowledge with the live practice sessions, through lectures on fertility and solutions and demonstration that ensures expertise for every student at the end of course. The Assisted Reproductive Technology course of World Laparoscopy Hospital is of 6 days where a gynecologist or embryologist will learn about the fertility aspects and go hands on with the course.

The Main objective of this program is to add on the scientific knowledge and update the aspirant’s background and to promote the technical and clinical skills of the gynecologist is assisted reproductive technology. Unique plans of the timings are accomplished for the aspirants who are now taking the Fellowship or Diploma course and laparoscopic training at World Laparoscopy Hospital.

These skills are achieved at Myra IVF Center by successive session of lectures and live practice sessions under our expert supervision.

What the Course Consists?

The Course is introduced at Myra IVF in 2001 and perhaps the most mainstream institution of minimal access medical procedure and being the most ought training center in India, the course, in collaboration with TGO University, remarkably gives practical and theoretical training in all parts of human assisted conception including andrology, embryology, micromanipulation, cryobiology, endocrinology, and infertility. Arrangement of course material and training is by the fertility expert who is profoundly dynamic within specialty.

World Laparoscopy Hospital is world pioneer to offer the most developed and universally competitive training in the field of Assisted Reproductive Technology. Courses of ART training at World Laparoscopy Hospital can be taken into account individual needs.

How this IVF Training Course will help you?
  • To provide the knowledge to deal with the state of art equipment and how to use it with proper care.
  • To get file up with the knowledge of assisted reproduction technology.
  • This helps an aspirant to be able to explain different aspect of Assisted Reproductive Technology to patients and families.
  • To provide them with the skill that can help the candidates to start their own practice of assisted reproductive technology.
  • To help them learn the basic skills that will help them to tackle their own specific needs when it comes to assisted reproductive technology.
  • To know the complications, indications and contraindication of different techniques of Assisted Reproduction Technology.

What all topics that has been covered in our IVF training?

  • Introduction to In vitro fertilisation (IVF)
  • Investigation and management of infertility
  • Ultrasound folliculometry, urinary LH surge detection
  • IUI, (AIH)
  • Hands on semen analysis, semen washing, sperm freezing
  • IUI (Donor insemination)
  • Hands On Semen Preparation for intrauterine insemination (IUI)
  • Different stimulation protocol and monitoring of controlled ovarian hyperstimulation
  • Tests for Ovarian reserve
  • Prevention of OHSS and its management
  • Role of Assisted reproductive technology (ART) in endometriosis
  • Approaches to ovarian stimulation in PCO patients
  • Hands On Egg pick up, its protocol and trouble shoots
  • Gamete handling and insemination in embryology lab
  • Hands on culture dish preparation
  • Protocols for thaw embryo transfer
  • Hands on catheter loading of embryos and transfer using non gamete cells. Luteal support.

National and International Category for Doctors Training

  • Category (A) National Candidates

This Category will be able to apply for the fertility training courses at Myra IVF Center only when they are residing in India from last 3 years and at the initial of course registration, they’ll be needed to fill affidavit with us claiming that they are the local citizen.

We always look at maintaining and providing the highest quality and standard possible in our world laparoscopic hospital courses. Our consultants are providing the best care and training to communicate effectively with the candidates. At world laparoscopic hospital candidates get the premiere standard in the education and training. In our proposal the minimal access training is necessary who want to grow as the gynecologist, embryologist or the IVF Expert in their career.

To apply for the courses simply just call us or fill the query form and our staff will reach you and discuss your requirements.

  • Category (B) International Candidates

International Candidate’s requirements for availing course at World Laparoscopic Hospital are: Doctors should hold the passport issues by their country. We specially book the 50% seats for the candidates from overseas or Non Residents of India (NRIs) and also for the doctors of Indian origin currently working in foreign country.

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