Egg Freezing

Egg Freezing

egg freezing clinics nairobiEgg freezing also called Oocyte Cryopreservation which is the scientific name of egg freezing. It is the process under which the quality mature egg is preserved following the hormone stimulation to achieve pregnancy in future. Myra IVF Center offers Egg Freezing in Kenya service to women who wish to have their fertility preserved for delaying their pregnancy electively. Addition to the reason mentioned we also take care of those women through egg freezing who are at risk of losing their fertility due to their cancer surgery to be happened which affect the chances to have a child naturally. At Myra IVF Center, Egg freezing is unique and that’s why we are an eminent egg freezing clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. There’s a lot to consider whether freezing your eggs is right for you, and the best place to start is to have a consultation with us at Egg freezing clinics Nairobi.

Egg freezing is the smart choice for females who want to postpone their plan of getting pregnancy due to study, business, family responsibilities or any other reason to have a child a bit late.

Process of Egg Freezing

  • First step of Egg Freezing contains analyzing the hormones flow to know how your fertility works.
  • Second step goes with administering daily hormone injections to stimulate the ovaries for 8-10 days.
  • Under third step you’ll be given sedation so it won’t heart where our expert will remove follicular fluid that contains eggs from your ovaries.
  • During fourth step now the egg fetched are frozen for fertility preservation purposes at Myra IVF Center.

Eggs can easily be preserved for up to 12 years and will still be feasible for inserting it into the ovary of woman.

For Egg freezing in Mombasa, Kenya we will take a medical history, arrange any necessary investigations including blood tests and ultrasound assessment of the ovaries, as well as arrange a counselling referral if appropriate.

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