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Know the IVF Process

IVF is the process used to fertilize the women’s egg through male’s sperm. Now the process varies depending on the fertility problem of the couple whether a male’s semen doesn’t matching with the fertile eggs or the semen or ovule eggs are incapable to produce.

In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) Process consist after collecting women’s egg from ovaries and fertilized by sperm in a scientific lab. Then the fertilized egg (Embryo) is been transferred to uterus. One cycle of IVF takes about 3 weeks of period.

During the process you’ve been given pain medications and sedations, so the procedure made could be made smooth and painless. After the procedure done, you could experience some mild cramping or pressure.

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Steps Involved in IVF Process

  • Testing and Ovarian Check Up

At first in the IVF steps the analysis of your uterus and fallopian tubes has been taken to make sure there’s no fertility surgery required before the process. Pre-cycle testing includes hormonal evaluation to assess thyroid function and ovarian reserve, screening both partners for sexually transmitted infection, and a semen analysis of the male partner.

Most women have been given fertility drugs 8-11 days before the process initiates to release the more fertility eggs which increase the chance of fertility. The Drug provides the women an ability to produce 10-20 fertile eggs but only two third of eggs have the proper maturity.

We at Myra IVF Center will analyze and properly design a protocol to make use of maximum number of eggs during your IVF process. At the time of Fertility drugs injected in your body, we properly examine the happenings taking place inner you using vaginal ultrasounds and hormonal testing for the best results. Once the entire test reflects positive results, you’ve been given trigger shot of HCG or other medication so the eggs can become capable to properly fertilize.

  • Egg Retrieval

After 34-36 hours of trigger shot, before the eggs ovulate, you’ll have the surgical procedure to collect the eggs from ovary follicles. For this egg retrieval process the ultrasound has been commenced and the needle is been visualized to guide the needle through the top of vagina into one ovary to other and then another. And to make sure you won’t feel any pain during the process the sedatives is been given and monitored closely by our anesthesiologist.

Follicles are entered with the needle and so the follicular fluid contents are removed using gentle suction that brings the egg along within the fluid; the full process usually takes but half-hour. You may feel some minor cramping the day of the procedure which is usually gone the subsequent day. There’s also a way of fullness and/or pressure due to expanded ovaries from the ovarian stimulation, this might last for a few weeks.

The Fluids containing eggs are suctioned by the IVF physician through small tubing and collected into the test tube. Then the test tube will be handed over to our embryologist who carefully find the egg in each test tube and record all the details through microscope. The no. of eggs produced and removed is influenced by the patient’s age, ovarian response and reserve and occasionally an ability to access the ovaries with the needle.

  • Fertilization

After Egg retrieval process the eggs further being transferred to lab where our experts examine them to determine mature and quality eggs. Mature eggs are transferred into special care, placed in an incubator and after few hours of retrieval process the eggs are fertilized with the sperm.

There are two methods to fertilize an egg; One is through Intra-Cytoplasmic Injection (ICSI) and Conventional Insemination. Process used for the patients determined by the expert team on the basis of fertility problem, attempts made or the quality of egg/semen. Both the process holds approximately the same success ratio. While in conventional methog of fertilizing egg the sperm is placed in cultural medium in small petri dish containing and the eggs are incubated together in the dish in the lab, allowing the sperm to enter egg by its own. No matter which method is used, the continuous examine is common in the processes.

  • Embryo Transfer

After fertilization, our team decides when Embryo transfer has to take place, usually we do it after 3-4 days of egg retrieval. However, if the selection is created to do a genetic testing, first a biopsy is taken from the embryo, nearly always on culture day 5 or 6. Usually 3 to eight cells are sent for testing performed at an out of doors lab, while the embryos are frozen and remain within the IVF laboratory. After receiving the genetic test results, the chosen embryo is chosen, thawed and transferred into the uterus, usually within 1 to 2 months after the egg retrieval.

Out of all such embryos the most effective and safest embryo is been selected by the embryologists based on the grading system used to evaluate each embryo. A Soft and Flexible catheter is used by an experts to transfer an embryo to the uterus and make sure the tip of catheter places at the right location from where an embryo could implant easily.

  • Assisted Hatching

The Additional and Advance process used in cases of old women or the previous failure of IVF process or been into frozen embryo circumstance. Assisted hatching is the micromanipulation procedure where a hole is made in the flexible shell that surround the shells of a early embryo. Normally this membrane dissolves on its own since this is necessary for embryo implantation. This process has not definitely been demonstrated as improving live birth rates and only minor risk is involved with the process. Assisted hatching if performed done just prior to embryo transfer.

  • Pregnancy Test

The last and final step in our IVF process you’ll go under is of pregnancy test after the 12 days of embryo transfer to check the multiples of pregnancy going right or not. Few test will be there from which you’ll go through including ultrasounds and some viability tests. And after the proper pregnancy is confirmed you can go back to you obstetrician. Many women have undergone more than two IVF cycles to achieve their goal of having their own baby in IVF centers in Kenya.

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