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egg donor nairobiEgg or Sperm Donation is the process where male or female donates his sperm or eggs to another couple according to their need and requirement. Generally male donor doesn’t face much implication but during female egg donation, she has to take medicals which stop her menstruation for a particular point of time. It is a part of assisted reproductive technology or ART.

The procedure at our place is safest and secure therefore we have attracted many donors to come and take an initiative to help others. We have varied range of options in our centre that are ready to help and donate.

Myra IVF center is a leading Egg donor clinics Kenya provides an egg donation program for women in affordable egg donor cost in Nairobi, Kenya who are unable to conceive using their own eggs. We can assist you in using an egg donor Nairobi, if you are looking for Egg Donor in Kenya, we will be your perfect choice.

Find a Donor at Myra IVF Center

Selecting an Egg Donor is difficult settlement you will ever face. Donor price is higher in countries like USA thus choosing the overall cost of infertility treatment. We the Myra IVF seek to provide the right egg donor for intended parents. While sperm donor will easily be available at not only our but also at other centers as the process to donate sperm is easy and everyone can donate it.

But there are different points to consider while choosing an egg donor selection process:

  • Knowing what are the most important qualities for you that can make it easy for you to choose the right egg donor.
  • You need to choose the donor with healthy medicals, the right age group and a bright personality.
  • It can be someone matching your family traits and one who can fit in to your family.

How to find an Egg Donor

Finding an Egg Donor is a difficult task and you need to consult our surrogacy agency in Africa to move further before finalizing a donor.

  • The most common way to find an Egg Donor is to develop contact with the surrogacy agency in Africa.
  • A Reputable and experienced company will provide you with all the details required to comfort you with the process including their medical, family and social history along with psychological assessment which our agency does.
  • Choose to have a clear understanding of how much you should pay and how much a donor could ask as compensation at our place.

It is always good to gather information about the donor as it make you understand how much familiar is she’s with the process and whether earlier was involved in the process or not. We end up all your question’s research to find donor at Myra IVF Center in Africa right at the place. The complete package of IVF with egg donation is very reasonable and affordable in Kenya. Our Clinic provides best egg Donor Mombasa services for More Details contact with us Now.

Egg Donor Requirements You Need to Consider

  • Age limit is the major factor needed to be consider while selecting an egg donor. Usually the recommended age is 21-30. Still the decision to choose the right age is upon your IVF doctor who can recommend after conducting Anti-Mullerian Hormone (AMH) and antral follicle scan (AFC) of the egg donor.
  • Should be a non-smoker and non drug/alcohol consumer
  • Shouldn’t be carrying any medical implications
  • Make sure the donor isn’t carrying any genetically medical implications
  • Egg donor should clear the pre-IVF medical screening test conduct by your surrogacy agency to ensure the ability of donor.
  • In-Depth history of donor should be available with the agency
  • Ideal donor should be motivated by the idea of helping childless couple to conceive

You’ll find many agencies offering the egg donation program but choosing right agency out of them is on you. While choosing an Egg Donation agency you can acquire these points to make up the consideration and choosing the right path for making your family.

How much does Egg Donor Cost at Myra IVF Center

There is no specific cost of donor as it totally depends upon the various factors like:

  • Egg donor price or compensation demanded
  • In case you’re using a travelling egg donor then the cost of choosing an egg donor will be higher as some additional cost will add into your budget like extra visa, accommodation and flight fee etc.
  • Agency fee of Egg Donation also varies on location like if you’re hiring the donor from US then the cost may be higher compare to the European countries.
  • If you choose Highly Experienced donor who proves to be more fertile in the record than the cost will be higher for hiring such donors.

The compensation of Egg Donor usually cost between $10,000 to $20,000 in the country like US but when you compare the cost with the African location at Myra IVF that you’ll get the donor in around $7000 – $12,000 USD.

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