Blastocyst Culture

Know about Blastocyst embryo – Advantage & Disadvantage

Under IVF the embryos are grown under severe conditions in a scientific lab for two to three days. Then moving further the embryo develop is being transferred to uterus of women and the remaining embryos have been stored or frozen for future use. Where blastocyst refers to laboratory eggs which are developing for two three days and at this point those embryos are being called as Blastocyst embryo.

Blastocyst Embryo transfer simply means that these embryos are transferred to the woman’s uterus on day 5 in exactly the same way that day 3 embryos are.

Advantages: Blastocyst Transfer provide during IVF?

  • The exchange is done quickly before the ideal opportunity for real intrusion and implantation.
  • One issue with this is that 2 to 3-day-old embryos are regularly in the fallopian tubes, not in the uterus. The embryos get to the uterus around 80 hours after ovulation.
  • The uterine coating on day 5 ought to be open to the inserting embryos – this is a more “regular” time for the embryos to be in the uterus. It is similar planning likewise with a characteristic pregnancy.
  • Embryos implantation measure starts around 3 days after the fact – after blastocyst creation and incubating out of the early stage shell have occurred.
  • However, if in vitro culture conditions are boosted so solid blastocysts structure at a high rate, then, at that point day 5 blastocyst moving embryos to the uterus is possible.

Disadvantages of Blastocyst Transfer

  • Even if the blastocyst nature is suboptimal, embryo growth can be a bit delayed and can also face embryonic arrest that could occur in several cases.
  • If the environment isn’t favorable to blastocyst embryos than the quality offered will be inconsistent and can cause bad results obtained even at 5th day of blastocyst culture.
  • Such Blastocyst will do better with day 3 transfer – while inserting back embryos earlier, before they are stressed severely by the weak embryo environment.
  • Another possible disadvantage that you could face will be the repeated experiments and extending budget if not chosen right blastocyst agency.

If the IVF clinic is skillful and has excellent quality in their Blastocyst culture process than the above mentioned advantages can be easily tackled. You need a good agency to get the 5 days blastocyst transfer done.

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