Intrauterine Insemination (IUI)

Intrauterine Insemination (IUI) is an artificial fertility procedure where the sperm is inserted directly into the women’s uterus. During natural fertility treatment the sperm is goes from vagina through cervix, way into the uterus and touches the fallopian tube in the end.

Whereas under IUI the sperms have been washed properly to take out the quality sperm out of them and later placed directly into the uterus, which let the quality semen closer to the egg. The IUI treatment can increase the chances of pregnancy in certain couples who are having trouble in conceiving a pregnancy. We are an eminent IUI centre in Nairobi. IUI involves placing sperm inside a woman’s uterus to facilitate fertilization. Our specialists are best doctor for IUI in Nairobi. Also we offer an affordable IUI treatment cost in Nairobi, Kenya.

What is our IUI procedure?

The Great thing about adapting an IUI procedure is that it is totally painless unlike the other fertility treatments. It can easily be done at our Myra IVF Center and requires no large hospital structures and procedure to get on with the treatment.

  • Semen Collection

The Semen is been collected through male partner which was achieved via masturbation, similar to how a semen analysis is done. And in case the male partner is unable to produce semen or semen is of bad quality than the donor is used in the process and the donor’s semen is collected for the further process.

The sample collected through donor or male partner is then frozen till the IUI day or till it needed to thawed out and made prepared.

  • Semen Concentration

Later our team at Myra IVF fertility will take the collected semen for concentration or the semen sample washed to remove impurities and leaves only what will be helpful for conception.

  • IUI Procedure

After all the above things done, the procedure starts where you lie down the treatment table. Later the fertility expert at Myra IVF will use a small thin tube named catheter to place the semen in your cervix. During the time you might feel a little cramping similar to what you might have felt in your Pap test. Than the specially concentrated semen will be transferred in women’s uterus via the catheter and after removing the catheter you are all done. As per the fertility expert’s advice you’ll than can move after some time or right at the time.

You need not to worry about semen falling out of your reproductive part as the semen now has taken place into uterus and mixed up with the fertile egg waiting inside.

  • Post Procedure

After the week of your IUI procedure your doctor may prescribed you progesterone which is normally taken by the vaginal suppository. You’ll be asked to visit our center for checking up of progesterone, HCG or blood levels or in case any clotting noticed in the uterus and nearby areas. This can also be done at your home after 10-14 days of IUI to ensure the successful pregnancy of yours.

IUI cost in Mombasa almost in all IUI clinic in Mombasa ranges from 85,000 Ksh. to 120,000 Ksh average. We are among leading IUI centres in Kenya provides IUI Treatment in Kenya at very affordable IUI cost.

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