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Once the Egg, Sperm or the embryo is fetched out than these cells are frozen through the “Vitrification Process”. This process is adopted to freeze the required cells for future use as if someone who wish to have pregnancy in future then he/she can have their fertility saved for later. After they reached the desired temperature the cells have been kept for freezing in liquid nitrogen and stored until further usage to have a baby.

Embryo Freezing

embryo freezing in KenyaEmbryo freezing or Embryo Cryopreservation is the part of most IVF treatments which consists the process of freezing and storing an Embryo for in use for In vitro fertilization procedure. Embryo freezing is followed by storing embryos at very low temperature to be thawed and used during future fertility circumstances. Embryo is created mixing sperm and egg both which contains the genetically mixed cells from both female and male parents. Embryo freezing is said to be more stable than the frail eggs.

The Embryo freezing can take up to one to five days after fertilization. Usually at Myra IVF Center, our fertility experts look for freezing the embryos at blastocyst stage and the reason for it is that most genetically material stop developing abnormal embryos in culture and doesn’t progress to the blastocyst stage and leaves the quality embryos which increases the chances of successful fertility.

Sperm Freezing

Sperm Freezing or Sperm Cryopreservation is the method of collecting, freezing or storing men’s sperm. Collected sperm is further used for different use depending on the fertility needs whether for treatments or to donate it to other couple or individuals, including same sex parents. Sperm are extracted from the male partner and the healthiest sperm among them are preserved. Contact us for sperm freezing Nairobi.

The Sperm Freezing process includes:

  • Testing and Screening for Infections like Hepatitis, HIV and rapid plasma regain test for syphilis.
  • Providing Sperm sample and undergoing a process to extract the sperm from the testicles.
  • In Lab testing of semen quality and quantity
  • After extraction, choosing the quality or viable semen sample
  • Freezing the collected sperm till the fertility usage

Common reasons to choose sperm freezing at Myra IVF Center

The major benefits of freezing a sperm is that a man can use it in later time or to donate it to infertile couple, individual or a same sex couple to conceive using it. Reasons that have mostly been chosen to freeze the sperm are:

  • Over Fertility Age
  • Man having cancer or other medical problem that can cause infertility
  • Damaged sperm quality or low quality semen
  • Transgender patients
  • Man facing issues regarding spilling semen during ejaculation
  • Career and Lifestyle preferences, such as those high risk occupations which disallow them to live close to their partners.

We offers embryo freezing in Kenya. Sperm freezing can be beneficial for men who experience a deteriorating quantity and quality of sperms. It can also offer a solution for men having low sperm counts- sperm freezing in Nairobi.

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